30 June 2012

Are You Ready For Silver Break Through ...

26 June 2012 - Are You Ready for Silver's BREAKTHROUGH?

                                                        Are You Ready for Silver's BREAKTHROUGH?
By Jonathan Quek from
While the media has always been hot on gold, I've always run on a belief that the media is always chasing yesterday's news. Yes I've no doubt that gold will push through $2,000 an ounce in the near future but I'm paying my utmost attention to an investment asset where most people are paying least attention to, that's gold's little brother, SILVER!
Silver, the New Gold!
I've been investing in silver since it was $15 and the reasons I invest in silver is simple:
First, everything that needs electricity needs silver. Silver is more than a precious metal. It is the industrial metal with high resistance to heat and the highest electrical conductivity of any element. With the increasing need for cellphones, computers and solar panels, this has sparked greater demand for silver.
Second, as we look at an increasing possibility of hyperinflation, gold looks at a potential comeback as the ultimate reserve currency. When that day comes, silver will make its comeback as poor man's gold. Throughout history, silver has played a vital role as a means of exchange or money. In ancient Ming Dynasty, one ounce of gold was equal to the value of four ounces of silver. Silver was used to buy daily meals, goods and services. That's why when we pronounce 'BANK' in Mandarin, it also has another meaning which is 'Silver Storage!'
The Silver Correction
In April 2011, the price of silver started to plunge and it went through a correction that lasted more than a year. However, I believe that the end of this correction is near. As gold starts moving up in times when Quantitative Easing is a norm, silver will move. With silver's dual nature role as precious and industrial metal, this will further accelerate its bull run move!
Buy Low, Sell High
A basic investment knowledge is to buy low & sell high. While silver is low right now, this is the best opportunity to buy before the greatest wealth transfer in history is about to take place. The best way to own silver today is to buy coins and bars. My preferred silver coins are the US Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and Australian Perth Mint.
So GET READY guys! When silver starts moving higher this time, $50 will be an easily achievable target. At this point of time when silver is selling at a huge discounted price of $29, THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW!

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