23 August 2013

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Best books to read on Indian jewellery tradition and culture

When it comes to Indian jewellery tradition and culture, web alone may not satisfy the knowledge sought by students of history, jewellery designers and for that matter anyone interested in the topic. That is where books play a major role and some of them may be out of print and available only in libraries and museums

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The onslaught of digital medium, e-books, internet, social media seems to have impacted reading habits of the younger generation, according to some observers although there is no hard data to back up.

It may not be long before all of the content that has to read, copied and transmitted appears in the electronic space either through kindle or through the web.For the time being, however, the best search engines are no substitute for the wealth of information already available in books but not elsewhere.

This made me try a compiliation of books related to Indian jewellery tradition and culture which could be of use to anyone interested in jewellery, precious metals history or related topics.

1) Handcrafted Indian Enamel Jewellery by Rita Devi Sharma, M Varadarajan (Roli Books India, 2008, website: An indispensable book for anyone seeking a glimpse into the rich tradition of enamelling in India and some of the best photos collected from museums in India and abroad. Rita Devi is an epigraphist, numismatist and jewellery expert while Muthuswamy Varadarajan, a retired IAS officer and on the committee of National Museum, New Delhi.

2)Indian Jewellery by M L Nigam (Roli Books,1999, This book is rich in details about the jewellery designs that were in vogue at various periods in Indian history beginning with Indus Valley Civilisation, Mauryan, Gupta, Mughal, Kakatiya period among others. Even when it resembles a history text book it is rich in high quality photographs and depth of information.

Some other books worth mentioning from the reading list given in the above books are
1)Traditional Jewellery of India by Oppi Untracht, Thames and Hudson, London, 1997

2)Indian Jewellery and Ornaments and Decorative Designs, By Jamila Brij Bhushan, Taraporewala Sons & Co Ltd, Bombay, 1955

3)Temple Jewellery, Decorative Arts of India by Nagaswamy R & Edited by M L Nigam, Salar Jung Museum, Hyderbad, 1987.

4)Jewellery-Inlay work and Studding of Gems, History of Technology in India, Vol. I,by ML Nigam, Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, 1997

5)Indian Jewellery by Hendley, TH

6)The Industrial Arts of India by George Birdwood, reprinted London, 1971

7)Traditions of India by Meera Sushil Kumar, India Book House Ltd, Bombay, 2001

8)Taxila, 3 Volumes by John Marshall, Cambridge, 1951.

9)Arts of Goldsmith, The Indian Heritage, Court Life and Arts under Mughal Rule, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 1982

10)Jeypore Enamels by Jacob SS, Hendley TH

11)Treasury of the World, Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of Mughals by Manual Keen, Salam Kaouki, Thames & Hudson, 2001.

12)Dance of the Peacock: Jewellery Traditions of India by R Usha and Bala Krishnan, India Book House, 2001, Government of India publicaitons

13)Jewels of Nizams by R Usha, Bala Krishnan by India Book House, Govt of India, 2001.

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