21 February 2013

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Ghana again denies official involvement in Iran Gold deal

Ghana again denied any involvement in transferring 1.5 tons of gold to Iran.

Ghana again denied any involvement in transferring 1.5 tons of gold to Iran.
A statement by country's Information ministry said preliminary findings from an on-going investigations has absolved the government from playing any role in the transfer of 1.5 tonnes of gold to Iran.
However, the reports said two Ghanaians,operating under the corporate identity of Omanye Gold Mining Ltd were involved in a transaction to supply gold to one Iranian national.
It said the cargo departed Accra on 31st December 2012 with the goods which was destined for Dubai but was detained in Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey on 1st January, 2013 because of claims of questionable documentation.
It said investigations are on-going but it is obvious from the preliminary findings that the Government of Ghana was not involved with the transaction as conjectured in sections of the media.
The statement said BNI is still carrying out investigations into the discrepancy in description of the shipment at various times as mineral samples and gold bullion during the export process adding that efforts are being made to trace the Iranian and the interrogation of persons involved in the transaction is still ongoing.
Earlier reports by most media suggested the detention of an aircraft in Istanbul, Turkey, allegedly carrying 1.5 tonnes of gold originating from Ghana.
Following that news Ghana directed that the matter be investigated by the security agencies, and preliminary reports of investigations conducted by the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI), has cleared the involvement of the state in the affair.

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